The ancient alchemists insisted that to ‘know thyself’ was of the utmost importance for a strong and healthy life. This simple form of sidereal astrology is derived from ancient texts and is aligned with the actual Stars. It tells us about ourselves as individuals. Contemporary tropical astrology tells us how others see us and how we interact. Alchemy Astrology looks more to the Astronomy of the Stars and Solar System, than the Modern Tropical Astrology generally practiced today. It uses Sidereal Astrology making the associated Energies much easier to see. Modern Science can be used to identify some of the Cosmic energies in the form of Radio Waves, X-rays, and Gravity Waves. Alchemists Work with theoretical Energies that have yet to be scientifically identified and confirmed, but, by putting Alchemy and Science back together many important secrets may be revealed.

Tim Wilkerson, author of the handbook “Alchemy Astrology: Lost Key To The Philosopher’s Stone”, studied Herbal Alchemy and Spagyrics at Paracelsus Research College, with Frater Albertus in 1984. He lectured on Alchemy Astrology at the 2008 International Alchemy Conference in Las Vegas, the 2013 NW Alchemy Conference, in Redmond Washington, and the Rocky Mountain Alchemy Conference, in 2016. He is currently the laboratory manager producing herbal products for Laughing Lady Bug Botanicals. He is co-founder of the Midwest Herb Fest and the Midwest Herb School held at Our Haven Nature Sanctuary. He is also a member of the International Alchemy Guild and the Midwest Alchemy Guild. He is presently teaching Alchemy Astrology classes, both on and off-line, and has been featured on internet radio.  More info on classes and tutoring, astrology and herbal alchemy lab work.

Visit his website at AlchemyAstrology.com.


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