Alchemy Herbal Preparations

Indiana Herbal Center – Bloomington

Alchemy Herbal Preparations

with Timothy A. Wilkerson
(from Our Haven Sanctuary)

Saturday, October 21st

4pm – 6pm

Alchemy, the precursor to today’s chemistry, reveals the ancient theory that led to the concentration and preservation of herbal remedies. You’ll learn the difference between, making crude tinctures such as those available at health food stores, and creating alchemical spagyric tinctures. The word spagyric means to separate, purify and recombine, the three parts inherent in all matter: spirit (alcohol), body (plant matter), soul (essential oil). This class will teach you how to make an essential spagyric tincture on a budget, using common kitchen items.

Indiana Herbal Center
205 North College Ave. Suite 015,
Bloomington IN 47404

For more info:
Mondays noon to 5:00
574. 329. 3205


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