AlchemyAstrology: 1-3 November, 2016, Tuesday-Thursday, Active-Passive-Passive

Moon in Scorpio, laboratory process of Separationemotionally possessive

Sidereal astrology is about what’s ‘in the air’ for us as individuals.*

A good time to: set your life-priorities; especially regarding the rationality of your commitments.

Challenges: Profound callings; sudden pervasive need to take charge, or take over.

Balance: Understanding your life-choices; to embrace your positive conclusions, and/or, to ‘stop’ holding-on to what isn’t working for you (a.k.a. letting go).

Keywords to Contemplate:
moderate = Sun in Libra – persistent, unifying
possessive, emotionally = Moon in Scorpio – changes, solidifying
diplomatic = Mercury in Libra – mental, unifying
intense = Venus in Scorpio – pleasant, solidifying
zealous = Mars in Sagittarius – impulsive, inspirational
 commanding = Mars in Capricorn (3) – impulsive, retentive
dutiful = Jupiter in Virgo – fortunate, analyzing
purposeful = Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying



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* With the added benefit of learning more about our particular circumstances and talents, astrology provides a universal reference point of understanding. Even if it’s not exact, it’s a useful tool that is historically aligned to our human condition in a broad spectrum. Discovering what you’re ‘not’ can also lead you to new thoughts about who you arem, which you may not have considered previously.


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