AlchemyAstrology: 2-4 Oct, 2016, Sunday-Tuesday, Active

Moon in Libra, laboratory process of Sublimationemotionally refined

If you find an affinity for any of these statements it’s good to know what’s ‘in the air’.

A good time to: shine a positive and revealing light on situations when you’re unusually willing to be obedient.

Challenges: Letting inspiration give you tunnel vision regarding the details of what you’re doing.

Balance: Purposefully identify and compare,  on a broad scale, the best avenue to take in unsure instances. Ask yourself: am I being overly impulsive, too concerned about getting it right, too cool or light hearted, and am I over-thinking this even though I feel rather grounded?

Sidereal astrology, from an individual viewpoint.

Sun in Virgo – persistent, analyzing = conscientious
Moon in Libra – changes, unifying = emotionally refined
Mercury in Leo – mental, organizing = positive
Mercury in Virgo (4) – mental, analyzing = methodical
Venus in Libra – pleasant, unifying = compatible
Mars in Sagittarius – impulsive, inspirational = zealous
Jupiter in Virgo – fortunate, analyzing = dutiful
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = purposeful


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