AlchemyAstrology: May 26-27, 2016, Thursday-Friday, Neutral-Passive

A good time to: give a presentation, especially if it’s regarding something you are completely confident about and has your total acceptance.

Challenges: A calm feeling that you are so solid and powerful that you shouldn’t have to bore yourself with compromises. Depending on the situation this could be bad, or good.

Balance: Compare your present limitations to those from the past.  Consider asking advice from a trusted friend or a vetted resource. Remember, this underlying feeling of strength will most likely pass quickly so make sure you have your citations handy for the future.


Moon in Capricorn, laboratory process of Fermentationemotionally reserved

Sun in Taurus – persistent, decisive = practical
Moon in Capricorn – changes, retentive = emotionally reserved – C – Earth
Mercury in Aries – mental, aggressive = impulsive
Venus in Taurus – pleasant, decisive = steadfast
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering


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