AlchemyAstrology: Apr. 1-3, 2016, Friday-Sunday, Passive

A good time to: contemplate your ambitions and relax.

Challenges: Brooding and a lack of creative energy.

Balance:  Maintain a compassionate perception of your values.

Moon in Capricorn, laboratory process of Fermentationemotionally reserved

Sun in Pisces – persistent, relaxative = imaginative
Moon in Capricorn – changes, retentive = emotionally reserved – Cardinal Earth
Mercury in Pisces – mental, relaxative = reflective
Venus in Pisces – pleasant, relaxative = compassionate
Mars in Scorpio – impulsive, solidifying = explosive
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering
Laboratory Alchemists can purchase the entire 2016 LabCount, to plan their schedule, at:
It looks like this:
which is posted monthly for free.

Alchemy Astrology how-to handbook, good for beginners and professionals alike:


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