Promo: Alchemy Astrology Handbook

Alchemy Astrology is based on the actual positions of the Stars – this is termed as Sidereal* Astrology. Based on the astrology used by the ancient alchemists, this form recognizes the physical influences on matter as evidenced by practical laboratory alchemy processes. This simple system provides a good foundation for learning any of the many types of astrology practices.

Alchemy Astrology is also used to ‘know thyself’. With this knowledge you can come to recognize and take advantage of your inborn talents. You can prove it to yourself by giving consideration to your birth chart (natal chart).

You can learn this system at your own pace. I’m also available online to answer any questions you have. There’s isn’t any complicated math, just some addition in degrees. Remember, Practice Makes Better, and with it you’ll come to memorize the basic symbols and associated keywords. Make your own sidereal chart, then try a friend’s chart, or someone you feel you know real well, and even your boss.

There is also information about how to make a tropical chart in the handbook so you can compare the two types. * Sidereal astrology is about yourself as an individual and tropical astrology is about social interactions and how other people view us.

If you don’t have internet or an astrology computer program to look up the positions of the planets you can use a simple Ephemeris book of planetary positions for each day of the year. It’s explained further in the handbook: Alchemy Astrology, Lost Key To The Philosopher’s Stone:

I’m available online to answer any questions you have via email or Immediate Message:
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