AlchemyAstrology: Feb. 19-21, 2016, Friday-Sunday, Active-Neutral-Active

This period holds an emotional challenge to remain tolerant and discrete. This is especially difficult when some things seem to be calmly begging for an adjustment.

To keep in balance be thoughtful and stay aware of a tendency for carelessness. Any proclivity to share how you compare yourself to others may best be kept personal.

You may feel the energies start to build as we approach Full Moon on Monday.

Moon in Cancer, laboratory process of Dissolution
changes tenacious – emotionally tenacious – Cardinal Water


Sun in Aquarius – persistent, concentrative = versatile
Moon in Cancer – changes, tenacious = emotionally tenacious
Mercury in Capricorn – mental, retentive = serious
Venus in Capricorn – pleasant, retentive = dedicated
Mars in Libra – impulsive, unifying = controlled
Jupiter in Leo – fortunate, organizing = exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – disruptive, solidifying = persevering
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