AlchemyAstrology: Feb. 9-10, 2016, Tuesday-Wednesday, very Active

This period, the challenge is intellectual snobbery and frustration with those who don’t understand. To win them over, find the practical application for your insights and let go of upholding unrealistic traditional ideas.

Moon in Aquarius, laboratory process of Multiplication
changes concentrative – emotionally  detached – Fixed – Air

persistently cautious, emotionally detached, mentally serious, pleasantly objective, impulsively controlled, fortunately exuberant, and purposefully solidifying.

Sun in Capricorn – cautious, persistent
Moon in Capricorn – retentive, emotionally detached
Mercury in Capricorn – inspirational, serious
Venus in Sagittarius – inspirational, objective
Mars in Libra – unifying, controlled
Jupiter in Leo – organizing, exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – solidifying, persevering
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