AlchemyAstrology: Feb. 7-8, 2016, Sunday-Monday, very Active and rather fiery

This period, the challenge is being accident prone. If you concentrate on getting organized first you’ll be better able to avoid this tendency by staying grounded, especially while traveling.

Moon in Capricorn, laboratory process of Fermentation
changes inspirational Рemotionally  reserved РCardinal РEarth

persistently cautious, emotionally reserved, mentally independent, pleasantly objective, impulsively controlled, fortunately exuberant, and purposefully solidifying.

Sun in Capricorn – cautious, persistent
Moon in Capricorn – retentive, emotionally reserved
Mercury in Sagittarius – inspirational, independent
Venus in Sagittarius – inspirational, objective
Mars in Libra – unifying, controlled
Jupiter in Leo – organizing, exuberant
Saturn in Scorpio – solidifying, persevering
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