The Entire 2016 LabCount pdf purchase

Schedule the best alchemy laboratory start dates in advance. Active dates can also be used for planning an important event, ceremony, or ritual.

The LabCount for the entire year of 2016
is now available for purchase (pdf).
$19.97 via PayPal

Thanks for your support and please share:
Calculations based on Denver, Colorado, in honor of the 2016 Rocky Mountain Alchemy Conference:

This info will be close for all other locations in the U.S.A.
If the positive and negative count is nearly equal you may want to
recalculate the time for your specific latitude and longitude. Instructions included.

Delivery by email upon receipt of your purchase, no shipping cost.
I check my email almost everyday and I’ll respond with the attachment.
Thanks for your support!

The Alchemy Astrology lab calendar is posted monthly for free at:


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