Alchemy Astrology highlights: 25-26 November, 2015, Wednesday-Thursday, Passive

Moon in Taurus, changes decisiveemotionally stable.

Opposing ideas or concepts are very pronounced and feel rather solid: female v. male, self-assertive v. sensitive, work v. home. The frustrating tension you may feel can be used to motivate and drive your endeavors. It may be best to think about how to combine these opposing energies in a way that works better for you. Being methodical and enthusiastic might feel more appropriate and help you be objective so you can take advantage of these underlying energies.

Wednesday’s Full Moon is the closest she gets for this orbit around Earth. That means there’s a little more draw from her right now. This is all and good, but at the same time she’s in the stable earthy sign of Taurus. This may feel a little bit like you’re taffy being pulled between the two.

Try not to focus on any perceived weaknesses, yours or someone else’s, they might seem bigger than they really are. Take it easy when you detect, or feel like expressing, sarcasm. It can be very grating right now. I’d try paying more attention to listening closely. Just be brave and practical in the moment, you may get a bonus flash of creativity. Remember to breathe.

Lab process of Congelation:
A loose or temporary Conjunction of opposites; a mixture in which a liquid is gelled or made semi-solid; intercourse.
The conversion of a thin flowing liquid into a congealed thick substance, often by heating.
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