Alchemy Astrology highlights: 13-15 October, 2015, Tuesday-Thursday, Neutral/Active

Starting with a laid-back day Tuesday, any inspired emotional theatrics are more likely to start up and be active on Wednesday. Which could be great if you’re an actor in a play. It could go either way though, good or bad. Try to keep it positive and/or romantically inclined so you don’t start an avalanche of dread.

Moon in Libra changes analyzing – emotionally refined

Lab process of Sublimation:
The first stage of Coagulation, in which the vapors solidify; represented by the sign for the constellation of Libra. The vaporization of a solid without fusion or melting, followed by the condensation of its vapor in the resolidified form on a cool surface. The elevation of a dry thing by fire, with adherency to its vessel.
To cause to pass off from the solid to the vapor state by heating, and again to condense into solid form.
This occurs when a solid is heated and gives off a vapour which condenses on the cool upper parts of the vessel as a solid, not going through a liquid phase. An example is sal ammoniac (Ammonium Chloride).

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