Alchemy Astrology

I’m not offering any bottled knowledge, no dogma, just a simple system developed through thousands of years of observation.  I present the tools you can use in order to find answers to your questions and to generally seek your own truths. Tools to help you accept the moment where life is truly lived, and to bring some understanding of the people around you in that moment. So to speak, I want you to offer you the opportunity to learn to fish, instead of giving you a fish. There is some study involved but it’s not complicated nor too complex.

In mans history, it’s only been a few decades that astrology was not considered an important part of life and accepted as such by most people. Sometimes particularly talented people would become known for their ability to understand astrology and do readings. They are rare to find. Learning how to read your own astrology is always more accurate even on a very basic level. But don’t believe me, try it, make a small investment and play with astrology so you can prove to yourself its usefulness and take control of improving your experiences.

My handbook has the basics steps used to apply astrology as they were used by the ancient alchemists. You can always add to this foundation later by studying any of the many forms and approaches found in astrology today.


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