The Return Is Worth the Learn – Alchemy Astrology, probably easier than you think

I post a daily horoscope that indicates the general mood of the stars. I hear that it’s been helpful and that’s something I like to be. It’s certainly fun to watch and see what unfolds in comparison to the prediction. In addition to this broad type of reading, when you learn Alchemy Astrology for yourself you can compare the daily highlights to your birth chart for a more individualized horoscope. The theory about birth charts is that we are imprinted by the cosmic influences present the moment we are born. This is our home turf so to speak.

Alchemy Astrology is based on what was practiced by the ancient alchemists for use in their laboratory experiments. It’s a very simple foundation that you can always add to later once you understand how astrology works. In the meantime you’ll have the tools to see how the stars influence our daily lives. You’ll begin to see how the cosmic energies, forever raining down on us, can affect the physical world as well as the emotional realms in society.

Using astrology we can compare our birth influences with the daily observances and with other people. You may even gain insight to specific relationships by comparing your birth chart with theirs. Wouldn’t you love to get clues about a mysterious acquaintance, a boss, a family member, or a competitor? The list goes on of course. We can gain knowledge of ourselves, with astrology, or from a lifetime of experience. Otherwise, this type of information can’t be found any other way.

If you’re a beginner it takes about 20 hours of study with the handbook and you can learn a great deal about yourself. For those who purchase the handbook I’m available via email if you have any questions.


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