So, what happens when you get a whole group of alchemists together?

Books and videos are great for introducing alchemy, and social media are good places to interact with other students and teachers. To me the ‘real’ understanding comes from the actual experience of other alchemists conveying what they’ve learned ‘in person’. There’s a concept in alchemy (and other paths) called, the Oral Tradition. I’ve found that part of this comes from the understanding that the subtle energies are difficult to describe in mere words. By hearing other alchemists and seeing their eyes, attitude and posture, you can get tons more information than you can from books. You can also get a sense of the conviction in their hearts. The idea that they aren’t just telling you what they believe but what they’ve actually experienced is very encouraging.

So, what does happen when you get a bunch of people together who experiment with laboratory alchemy? Do the egos drop? Are answers found to long held questions? Is anything new learned? I say yes. Having available to us so much information that is discovered by experience is a rare opportunity especially when it’s all in one place. Each having fun with the process, or they wouldn’t be there speaking or demonstrating, just adds to this unique opportunity. Being willing to consider alternatives is an important part of alchemy, and suddenly the possibilities are multiplied in a room full of alchemists.

The Philosopher’s Stone is the ultimate perfection of Nature. It’s Her life force in concentrated form. She is always heading towards this perfection here on Earth. She loves it when we help bring that energy along. The more people involved the greater the possibilities of discovery and with that comes a feeling of oneness with everything around us. Collaborations save us time that would otherwise be wasted by fruitless repetition.

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