Alchemy Astrology highlights: 6-7 October, 2015, Tuesday-Wednesday, Passive

Thoughts about emotions could feel like lead boots right now. Like a snare trap that pulls tighter as you try to move away, the brain-mind might have to ‘just stop for a while’ so you can remove the wire from your ankle. So, maybe play a board game, throw some cards, do something that involves some mental organization but not anything stressful. Watch for impulsive theatrics and reactions so they don’t surprise you and try to take you over, so to speak. Just let them dissolve, the bark is probably louder than the bite.

Moon in Cancer / changes tenacious – emotionally tenacious

Lab process of Dissolution:
The second operation in alchemical transformation is Dissolution. The process of dissolving a solid in a liquid; the reduction of a dry thing in water. Represented by the sign for the constellation of Cancer.
The dissolving or transforming of a substance into a liquid.

Alchemy Astrology handbook:

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