Alchemy Astrology highlights: 31 August – 1 September, 2015, Monday -Tuesday, Passive

You may find yourself thoughtfully figuring things out in a laid-back way. It also might be easier to watch your gut-feelings and get what they mean. Organization is still something to think about. Although, it might be a bit like trying to line-up rubber duckies as they gently bob around the hot-tub.

Moon in Pisces / changes relaxative – emotionally instinctive

Lab process of Projection:
The final stage of Coagulation in which the power of transformation is directed toward a body; the final process in making gold, in which the Stone or powder Stone (the powder of projection) is tossed upon the molten base metal to transmute it.
The throwing of a ferment or tincture onto a substance in order to effect a transformation of the substance.

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