Alchemy Astrology highlights: 26 July 2015, Sunday

Late tonight (Sat.7/25), around midnight, swirling thoughts will slow down a bit. Any impulsive dreams of a fiery romance may get the kibosh and suddenly turn into a block of icy possessiveness that could cause a separation. Lessons in this area will be challenging and abound until just before dawn on Tuesday when emotions become more idealistic so hang in there and don’t take it personally if you, or your partner(s), gets a little cray-cray.

Moon in Scorpio / solidifying – emotionally possessive

Lab process of Separation:
To separate a compound into unique substances. Leaching salts from ashes. Filtering solids from liquids. Pressing oils from solids.
The third operation in the alchemy of transformation. Symbols of Separation include swords, scythes, arrows, knives, and hatchets.

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