Alchemy Astrology highlights: 11 July 2015, Saturday – starting around midday

For the next three days there’s a double challenge that could be quite an interesting ride. A purposeful sense of emotional stability will bring confidence that should be watched very closely.

A beautiful ‘and’ hot romance could be very possible and equally balanced by a tendency for a passively destructive jealous streak that will sneak up on you like a ninja. Try not to be too impulsive and be sure to think things through.

It might be good to take some time for yourself and try to relax and watch your thoughts go by without acting on them.

Moon in Taurus / changes decisive – emotionally stable
Lab process of Congelation:
A loose or temporary Conjunction of opposites; a mixture in which a liquid is gelled or made semi-solid; intercourse.
The conversion of a thin flowing liquid into a congealed thick substance, often by heating.

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