Today’s Alchemy Astrology highlights: 5 July 2015, Sunday

Today and tomorrow the emotions of the last week or so should finally let up and feel more positive, – albeit detached, which could be a good thing. This should give us time to solidify whatever lessons (if any in all the hub-bub) we experienced of late.

Moon in Aquarius / concentrative changes – emotionally detached

Lab process of Multiplication:
A process of Distillation in which the power of transmutation is concentrated; an increase in the amount of the Stone as obtained from its pristine form.

Men, be aware, Venus is moving to a new sign tomorrow (6th) and you may want to keep your mind open to romantic feelings or advances for a while (until 11 August); or not, depending on which of the 3 male cycles you’re in (

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Facebook group Alchemy Astrology:

Facebook group Alchemy Astrology:


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