Today’s Alchemy Astrology highlights: 28 June 2015, Sunday

Starting this evening, and over the next couple of days, respond intensely and passionately to life without holding on for dear life. Not a good time to be forced to accept emotional responsibility, but you would do well to remember that some jealously issues that you thought were resolved may come up.

If you can stay focused in the moment, this energy could be used to finish some less rewarding projects you’ve had on hold.

Moon in Scorpio / solidifying changes – emotionally possessive

Lab process of Separation:
To separate a compound into unique substances. Leaching salts from ashes. Filtering solids from liquids. Pressing oils from solids.

The third operation in the alchemy of transformation. Symbols of Separation include swords, scythes, arrows, knives, and hatchets.

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